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Adventure awaits - Madeira
↳ Background
Engaged by a Spanish production company, our team at Zulustudios took charge of capturing all drone shots for the Samsonite video in the picturesque landscapes of Madeira. Comprising a skilled team of six individuals, we embarked on a five-day journey to showcase the beauty of the island through our aerial lens.
Over the course of our five-day assignment, the Zulustudios team skillfully maneuvered drones and FPV drones through the scenic mountains, along the sandy beaches, and near a captivating waterfall. We meticulously captured footage that highlighted Samsonite's products in diverse and visually stunning settings. Our focus on precision and creativity ensured the production of compelling and dynamic aerial content.
↳ Achievement
Following the extensive drone shooting in Madeira, Zulustudios applied careful stabilization techniques to enhance the quality of the captured footage. Delivering the raw material promptly to the Spanish production company, we contributed a crucial element to the Samsonite video. Our collaborative effort successfully showcased the durability and aesthetic appeal of Samsonite products against the breathtaking backdrop of Madeira, garnering attention and acclaim for the final production.
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