Quellenhof Luxury Resorts
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World leading luxury resort - Northern Italy
↳ Background
Our initial shoot for Quellenhof was the Quellenhof See Lodge, a brand-new resort in South Tyrol that captures the essence of the Maldives. Subsequently, we also photographed Quellenhof Lazise. On both occasions, we held various meetings with Dagmar (Quellenhof Marketing Head) to define the style, colors, and other details.
Productions at Quellenhof resorts run smoothly due to the excellent organization led by Dagmar, the Marketing Head. We are grateful for the effective collaboration, which allows us to bring our vision to life while meeting the client's expectations.
↳ Achievement
Our significant achievement is establishing Quellenhof resorts as a recurring client, enabling us to undertake multiple photo and drone productions for them each year. Our images grace over half a million copies of various magazines printed by Quellenhof and are prominently featured in their representation.
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