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The Journey of the Face - Switzerland
↳ Background
Dr. Omar Haroon has made it his mission to emphasize the natural beauty of each individual. Our patients are meant to look better in the long run, but not different. How do we achieve this? By taking them on their very own "Journey of the Face."
The innovative website for Dr. Omar Haroon blends aesthetics and modernity. The design concept for Dr. Omar Haroon's website aims to encapsulate his sense of beauty and aesthetics through a sophisticated, modern, and structured approach. The timeless color palette and high-quality imagery captures the essence of Dr. Omar Haroon's practice, showcasing the state-of-the-art facilities, a dedicated team, and discreetly presented before-and-after visuals. The intuitive navigation across various devices create an appealing online presence. It includes key categories such as "About Us," „“Philosophy“, Treatments," "Before-After Gallery," "Contact," and "FAQ." Content-wise, the website impresses with artfully crafted texts.
↳ Achievement
The vision was to create a structured, appealing, and modern design that instills confidence in patients and reflects Dr. Haroon's sense of beauty and aesthetics. The design was intended to be versatile, suitable for both the new website and print media. The goal was to establish a harmonious overall concept that builds trust with patients.
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