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FPV drone video - Austria
↳ Background
Kitzbuehel Tourism sought to showcase the enchanting beauty of their town, lakes, and mountains, and enlisted our expertise to capture the essence through drone footage. Recognizing the value of this aerial perspective, we meticulously planned a 3-day shoot in Kitzbuehel, aligning our schedule with optimal lighting conditions to highlight the area's natural splendor.
Executing our well-thought-out plan, we exclusively utilized FPV drones to film the captivating scenery of Kitzbuehel. Over the course of the three-day shoot, we adeptly navigated the drones to capture dynamic and immersive footage. The emphasis on using FPV drones added a unique and thrilling perspective to the video, contributing to a visually compelling portrayal of Kitzbuehel's tourism offerings.
↳ Achievement
The culmination of our efforts resulted in a captivating 2-minute video and approximately 10 reels tailored for Instagram. By harnessing the versatility of FPV drones, we not only showcased the breathtaking landscapes of Kitzbuehel but also curated content perfectly suited for social media engagement. The project's success lies in our ability to translate the town's charm into visually stunning and shareable content, effectively promoting Kitzbuehel as a must-visit destination.
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