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How light creates individual moods - Northern Italy
↳ Background
The terms "light planner" or "light artist" emphasize Elektro Huber's activity in a stylish and highly individual manner. With phrases like "Light Magic," the website presents itself as a portal to the enchanting world of light. The new website deliberately deviates from the traditional role of an electrician.
The website's design plays with dark and light backgrounds, incorporating sophisticated graphic elements such as pulsating or moving light circles and yellow text on dark backgrounds to illustrate the interplay of light and shadow.
↳ Achievement
The intuitive navigation allows users to immerse themselves in various lighting concepts, from home lighting to designing entire living concepts. Special attention is given to how light creates individual moods – emphasized through impressive images and inspiring texts. The website showcases "Light Magic" in every detail, accentuates Elekto Huber's unique skills, and serves as a source of inspiration for clients.
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